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Verdun is focussed on squad gameplay. The Frontlines game mode puts 2 french squads against 2 german squads. (4+4 against 4+4 making a total of 16 players).


Future updates

  • More maps and unlocks will be added once the base of the game performs well


  • Invite your friends to play in your squad. If you earn enough XP, your gunner should unlock the MG for the second round.
  • Use F11 for fullscreen mode. This button only works while playing, not in the main menu.
  • If you have a laptop with Optimus then make sure to right click your browser's shortcut and choose "Run with graphics processor -> High-preformance NVIDIA processor". This will make sure the game won't use your integrated videocard only.


  • The final game will be released as standalone and will have better quality and performance.
  • An account created in the beta version will not persist into the standalone version.